I SHIP IT | series and short film | creator / writer / director 

TV Series: A fangirl who writes fanfiction gets a job on her favorite TV show. Premieres on The CW on August 19, 2019 at 9:30pm.

Webseries: A fangirl obsessed with nerd rock decides to follow her dreams and start a band. Watch now on the CW Seed.

Short Film: A fangirl tries to take down her ex-boyfriend in a wizard rock battle of the bands. Watch now on YouTube


"With heartbreak, wizard rock, a love story, fun editing, and great direction, this 2014 short by Yulin Kuang has everything!" - The Nerdist

"'I Ship It': Why Short Film and YouTube Make Such a Good Match." - Indiewire

"The film is sweet and adorable, but it also has its finger right on the pulse of the current moment. The script is funny and heartfelt and the direction is stylish and smart." - HelloGiggles

"I ship Yulin Kuang with her camera, because this film in nothing short of magic, and is an actual portrayal of fandom." - Medium

"You have no excuse not to check it out." - The Mary Sue