‘Twas the night before production! I have a somewhat superstitious habit of starting every production blog with a 'twas-the-night-before-production’ post, ever since my first 'big film’ in college.

I have a few other filmmaker superstitions that I’ve collected: always expect 2 people to drop out before the first day of production, nothing is for sure until everything is in the can so just live in a perpetual state of caution that things fall apart far more easily than they come together, no oranges or orange juice allowed on my sets (not a superstition… I’m allergic to oranges and yet make dumb decisions when I’m tired and standing next to the crafty table), try and keep a production blog through production even if your brain is fried and it means you lose an extra 20-30 minutes of sleep because in the end, seeing everything documented is pretty worth it.

Though hey, in the past year I’ve learned that video blogging is a thing so that’s always an option too!

Today was Day 0 of production on I Ship It, a short film I’m writing/directing as part of a short film initiative funded by New Form Digital. Not sure exactly how much I’m allowed to reveal (other than production stills), so I’ll just say it’s a shippy story that plays with musical elements (though it isn’t a musical.) Starring Mary Kate Wiles, Sean Persaud, & Joey Richter, with original songs by Kirstyn Hippe and score by Brian Grider. Shot by Zack Wallnau, Production Design by Jen Hwang. Coming soon to YouTube.com/yulinisworking.

Day 0 usually means 12 hours spent in a mad dash picking up gear and crafty, taking care of last minute odds and ends like wardrobe decisions and who’s responsible for coffee. This time around, we added recording music for the short film and coloring MK’s hair to the mix. Fun! I’m pretty thrilled with what we what we’ve got on our hands so far. 

… I stepped away for a second to work on a shot list/print scripts and oh would you look at that it’s suddenly 4:07am. Crew call is in less than 4 hours, time to sleep! 

Much love,