Craftversations, vol. 1



Hi friends. Tomorrow I will be filming the first installment of a new interview-type show thingie that I’m doing on my channel, called Craftversations (thank you seanpersaud for coming up with the title), where, you guessed it, we talk about stuff while crafting. YAY! yulinkuang has agreed to be my first guest. My hope is to talk about things that we don’t normally discuss in interviews or online, be them silly, or personal, or off-topic, or whatever. Although we can definitely still talk about work. So if you have questions for us or things you’d like to hear us discuss over stickers and ribbons, let us know?

I’m excited to be the first guest on MK’s new series, Craftversations! Got questions for us / topics you’d like us to discuss while we craft? Let us know here! I’m a big fan of podcasts/listening to other people’s conversations, so I’m quite looking forward to this series.